Survival of the fattest — 5 Comments

  1. I’m only getting a little over 20Mb and a foul beast slouches towards the smoking ruins of Ballybumfeck
    Don’t panic! Don’t PANIC!  Women and children first! 

    • Meh!  Even that fun has gone out of the day.  It’s back to over 75Mb which is fast enough for torrents browsing.

      •  75Mb which is fast enough for torrents browsing
        Back when it was still ‘ok’ to torrent -before we all wised up to the fact that PIRACY is a CRIME and torrenting stuff supports terrorism, Global Warming and Female Genital Mutilation- we used to get excited by download speeds of 200 KB/S…..

  2. I didn’t know that Christmas was supposed to change the world… or was it? Things get kind of fuzzy after two thousand and 18 years or so. All our Christmas tree lights are still lit and the decorations are still where they’re supposed to be despite the cats–amazingly enough. The internet did go out yesterday but that was only because I accidentally pulled the power plug on the modem/wireless router instead of my desk lamp. The Wife complained rather loudly about this so I plugged the stupid thing in again and all was well.

    • so I plugged the stupid thing in again and all was well“.  That’s not really a nice thing to call your wife?  Nor is it a nice thing to do to her?  Mind you, I know the temptations……….

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