Piss off Deirdre — 17 Comments

  1. Cats don’t apologise, but you must know that. Simply seeking approval for her new kill and ensuring she is fed on time to make up for the (presumably) no longer there lunch she saved.

    What is happening to our society when we must told to look out for bad weather in December? Remember driving in winter in the 1960’s. No “Warnings”, no dreadful messages about getting stuck in perfectly ordinary conditions, just get on with it and carry a shovel and heavy waterproof jacket. Still do, even though Global whatsit makes real weather more unlikelyl

    • It really does amaze me how any of us, or indeed the entire human race, survived for all these years without any help from anyone?

  2. Wot? you mean put on a coat, have a wooly hat handy in case it’s cold enough to freeze yer lug ‘oles off, if you have a car it has a brolly inside and another spare coat on the back seat, and a torch and a few odd spanners pliers screwdrivers and cable ties in together with the jack and wheelbrace (and you’ve already checked you can undo those wheelbolts), and a real spare wheel not a pot of goo and pointless toy pump.
    A bit of dib dib dib thinking, as in be prepared, seems a lifetime ago.

    • Just an old rain jacket and a cap.  Mind you – discovered a tyre was flattish so I had to foot-pump it in the middle of a large puddle.  I have probably filled the tyre with water.  Hydrolastic suspension!

  3. It has been the grimmest, darkest, wettest Saturday I can remember for a long time. And we aren’t even catching the worst of it here!

    • Don’t worry.  Tomorrow will be fine[r].  Then comes the first half of next week when the shit really hits the fan!

  4. I’ve consulted with my triumvirate of furry bastards and the consensus is that cat is worried about the fact that you don’t hunt. It’s just decided that you’re a really crap cat and need a few pointers…

  5. At least the mouse was dead, my cats present me with live ones I have to try and catch and once he brought in a baby rat from somewhere and was quite indignant that I wasn’t pleased! Took me hours to find and release it in the garden.

    • And at least it hadn’t been eaten.  The previous [and only other] offering was such a disgusting mess that I could only identify it by its tail.

  6. Would you mind sending a few of those windy, rainy December days over to my area? I’ll take a few January, February,and March days as well if you get them. It would certainly be better than shoveling snow.

    •  You’re more than welcome to what we have at the moment – yet more strong winds and more rain, though it is strangely mild [shortly to drop by several degrees though].  I believe we even have a colour warning of some kind in force, though I don’t know which colour.

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