iBugs — 20 Comments

            • Nonsense.  You probably didn’t leave it in the microwave long enough.  Ten minutes at 700 Watts should do it nicely.

              • It wouldn’t fit in the microwave, so I disassembled it and put the parts in. Everything’s looking fine again – only I got one screw over. Know where I should put this?

  1. I have extensive empirical evidence of there being a very high positive correlation, in excess of 0.9, between seeing a doctor and dying. Given this danger, is it wise to see the doctor?

    • I’m not too sure about that.  I thought it was soil.  Did you know that virtually everyone who ever died had been in contact with soil during their lives.  It’s deadly stuff.

  2. You had gullible old me believing your for a while there. Until “I phoned his surgery and got an appointment for tomorrow…” Ha ha ha. Obviously this is pure fiction.

    • How dare you Sir.  I am not in the habit of writing fiction here.  If you must know, my appointment is at 2:30 this afternoon.  He treats me with a modicum of reverence, mainly because he knows if he doesn’t treat me promptly and with respect, he’ll get a bad write-up here.

  3. I’m safe from all electronically transmitted diseases–I run Linux! Does that mean that your phone as well as your body runs Windows? (Okay, so it’s late in the day and I haven’t taken my medication yet…or have I? Hard to tell these days.)

    • You know as well as I do that everything in this house runs on Linux, with the possible exception of the windows [Linux isn’t very transparent].

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