An open litter to the lawmakers — 15 Comments

  1. Cigarette butts?  Don’t know where they get that from!  In my neck of the woods, the majority of litter is fast food wrappers/cartons.  And since the council decided to charge shed loads for big rubbish collection, a major, major problem is now fly tipping.  Almost every rural lane, copse, wood imaginable!  It’s a right eyesore and dangerous for wildlife… :o/

    • I would imagine their “research” consists of a wild guess on the part of a street sweeper.  How can they quantify litter anyway?  Is it by number or weight?  As usual they publish these figures without any mention of where the figures came from.  Department of Communications?  WTF?

      • As usual they publish these figures without any mention of where the figures came from.

        Could they be from the ‘make it up fairy’ or a genie perchance or even, and I may get banned for this one, a Leprechaun?

        Nope I now where they get them from Off The Top Of Their Head.

        • Gotta love the ‘hard working’ totally compliant ‘righteous’. Surely that is denigrating ‘old people’ as in the least physically able be picking up the hard workers litter. I don’t think Rockall is going to be big enough for all the politicians and the righteous.

          They could get the life time unemployed out cleaning up and actually let them do something of benefit to society in return for their handouts

  2. They are never going to reverse bans.There is no ego boosting feelings of moral superiority to be gained from it.Especially for politicians who are totally dependent on seeming to be superior.At least, in their minds. 

  3. Nice essay!  I agree the goal should be to repeal smoking bans–indoors and out.  All pubs, taverns, bars, cafes, and restaurants should have ash trays!In addition, outdoor smoking bins at street corners in business districts and public squares would be nice too.  They used to have them in San Francisco, but given the antismoker hysteria they are likely just an artifact of the past. 

  4. In 2006 when Quebec brought in a no smoking ban I, a non smoker, strongly advocated for a selective ban much as you have suggested. Let each bar and restaurant decide for themselves which they wanted to be. Then they could post a plaque outside identifying themselves as one or the other. Same thing for staff, if they didn’t want to work in a smoking bar they had the option to go elsewhere. Improved ventilation systems would make the two indistinguishable and we would have squared the circle .

    • Long before the ban came in here, some pubs tried a no-smoking policy.  They very quickly dropped the idea when they lost their customer base.

  5. The people of the small town I live in started to complain about all the cigarette butts scattered all over the sidewalks. The store owners suggested that the town or the businesses purchase some attractive cigarette butt receptacles. The town’s powers that be replied with “We can’t do that. It would encourage smoking.” So now it is against the law for even a business to put out any kind of ashtray in front of their store. And the public is still complaining. Go figure.

    • Two things I have learned about the Anti-Smoker mob –

      1. It has nothing to do with health.

      2. Logic plays no part whatsoever in their schemes.

  6. Your suggestion is far too much like common sense.  It won’t happen. These governments all over Europe are in thrall to and seemingly in league with the WHO. Not one gov has the balls to tell the WHO to Foxtrot Oscar. Not one!

  7. Oh, they have, but only partially so it seems. Also there is the anti smoking petition to contend with re direct democracy strategy. It’s a start. Why not return to smoke rooms in pubs for a start?  I stand corrected, Grandad.

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