Beware of children playing — 12 Comments

  1. What are you grizzling about? If it were in the yUK and the road in question was used by a child at any point during the day then all the volunteers would have to be CAB checked and also have attended mandatory ‘gender sensitivity’ training and a ‘Countering White Privilege’ workshop. Their compulsory neon vests would need to be not only H&S approved but also visibly stamped as having been made by an approved BRITISH supplier. 

    • Someone in the comments came up with a beautiful paradox –

      You are walking along and you drop a piece of litter.  If you don’t pick it up you are guilty of littering.  If you do pick it up you are contravening council regulations!

      Utterly fucking insane.

    • Round these parts there are a group or three of ladies who clean up with marigolds, long reach grabbers and black bin bags. They didn’t ask any ‘authority’ for permission they simply decided one day to go out and tidy the place up and have been doing so for a while. No interference, no warning, no demands they stop, no elfin safety training, mandatory ppe, name tags, insurance just simple and effective common sense.

      These parts being located on the island of Britain.

  2. The more worrying aspect is that all these individual nonsense issues are leading us towards a Napoleonic code, where you can only do something if the law specifically permits it, rather than our historic principle of being able to do anything, providing the law does not specifically rule against it.  The difference is vast.That represents a huge and insidious culture-change which, although common in mainland Europe, is alien to most in the British Isles – if we allow that trend to go unchallenged, life will soon become as illiberal for us as it is for the peoples of those many sad nations (although most of them know no better, nor realise what has been done to them).

  3. In Co Laois, workers on the community employment schemes in some areas were cutting the grass at road junctions to improve sight lines. They were forbidden to do so by the county council

  4. Well, unless the Council plans to monitor all the roads in their “jurisdiction” and/or pay the local law enforcers to find all these horrible folks who have the absolute audacity to clean up the verge alongside said roads, then do it anyway. What the council doesn’t know and all that. Or can you get arrested/fined/cited for violating council edicts I wonder? 

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