My nozzle is flashing again — 4 Comments

  1. So they’re saying that “exceptionally cold weather” is temperatures in the middle to high 30’s (F)? I know you folks tend to have higher temperatures during the winter overall than where I am but that’s not exactly arctic conditions. That is if “the village” you keep running down to from time to time is the one I’m looking at in Google Earth (needed to find “the village” so I could get a forecast for your area). Looks like it’s close to you anyway. Guess you have to have that fuel oil tank topped up, eh?

    • We were warned [in breathless tones] that temperatures could be up to ten degrees [C] below normal as the winds are coming straight from Siberia.  They overlook that Siberia is a long fucking way away so I think that’s a bit of hype?

      You would probably consider the coming week as mild!

  2. Look out for a stocky fellow in a Hiace with a broken back light, he could probably get you oil at a fraction of the price.

  3. Well I’m about 300 miles closer to the “Beast from the East” than you, and so far all we have got is a few flurries* and some hail. Whilst it certainly feels bloody nippy, the precipitation isn’t laying, so the real temperature is certainly not minus 10C. Having said that, if more than half an inch DOES lay everything will grind to a halt…

    *I was about to hit the “Post Comment” button but see that there are now some decent size flakes falling – OMG, the end of the world is nigh!

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