A moose in the hoose — 12 Comments

  1. Grandad,
    “In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” Terry Pratchett.
    Apparently, a little cotton wool soaked in either peppermint oil or ammonia, left in or close to suspected activity, will scare them off. Who knows, it may scare the cat off as well. Win-win.

    • Peppermint oil sounds fine but I doubt I would want my food cupboards smelling of ammonia?  I would have to leave bits of cotton wool all over the place too.  Maybe he has buggered off as the biscuit episode was a while ago.

      Maybe I’ll just lock the cat in the food cupboard for a week or two?

    • I saw that.  Very sad, and you have my deepest.

      I tend to respect and love all animals, especially dogs.  However I have to keep reminding myself of that whenever I see the cat.  If it weren’t for Herself, the cat would be a goner.

  2. Cats? mice? must be one of those gubmint propaganda jobs, it’s a fallacy. I didn’t have mice but got a cat just in case, cat brings bloody mice in every day and then lets them go! They’ve already eaten the plastic plumbing out of the bathroom and kitchen ceilings. I’m getting a terrier, in my experience that should solve both problems!

  3. “He’s as thick as pig shit.”

    Don’t be fooled. Cats learned long ago that pretending to be dim was the best possible way of ensuring (a) that you’re never expected to anything like sitting or offering paws in order to get treats or get fed – because you’re “too thick” to learn tricks; (b) you can come and go as you please, because you’re “too thick” to be taught to stick to a schedule of walks/bedtime/feeding (although where the last is concerned they do, strangely, seem to have the intelligence to tell the time, if dinner is late); and (c) no-one ever expects you to get a job, like guarding the house, or herding sheep, or catching crooks, or sniffing out bombs, or helping blind people, because you’re “too thick” to learn it. They aren’t even expected to catch mice unless they want to.

    Oh no. Cats in general are much, much cleverer than they ever let on. Now, how clever is that?

  4. We have 4 cats and two of them run on the huge-ish side. The third is rather tiny (the mother of the two huge-ish cats) and the fourth is the senior female who’s comfortably old and tubby enough not to bother with something as mundane as a mouse. The other 3 heartily go after the occasional mouse or chipmunk that decides our nice warm house is better than the bitter cold temperatures of the outside world during the winter months. The trouble is that chasing said rodent is about all they do. They don’t actually catch the little bugger. In the meantime they manage to wreck everything in their path while the chase is on. Including the downstairs toilet on the last occasion to the point we now have to replace the damn thing.

    And your cons list? That’s just normal cat behavior and they rarely hate their humans. They tolerate them instead. And, of course, they consider themselves far superior.

  5. Spiders. My Fermanagh aunt tells me that chestnuts, horse (conkers) sitting here and there about the place will keep spiders away.

    Mosques in Is to use blown/sucked out ostrich eggs for same reason.

    But ostritch eggs are hard to come by in Fermanagh.

    We once had a cat that would bring back wild life, still alive and let them loose. We think that is how we once got a mole in our lawn in our totally walled garden.

    Not a mansion sized walled garden by the way.

    Thanks for rambling. Cheers me up.

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