A Deficit of Diversity — 8 Comments

  1. Is there a new Star Wars film out then? You’d have thought someone might have mentioned it before now.


  2. Does not matter how bad the film is because these idiots will still go to see it. The corrosive effect of American culture at its best.

  3. God, are there really morons like that out there?  I was forced to watch the latest Star Wars film by my better half and had to keep being prodded awake because of the predictable banality of plot which could not keep me from sleeping through the so-called flim. It is a really good reason to never go see such a film again.  Very good – sustainable -reasons to destroy all Jedi from the earth.

  4. As a citizen of what used to the the United States of America I would like to point out that California While physically part of the contiguous country has had little connection to the rest of country, the world, or even physical reality. I personally would prefer that it  part of a universe far far far far far away. Perhaps the most alarming thing is that in California Super Shadow would be considered a normal person.

  5. We should have had California sawed off and towed out to sea years ago and not so everyone could surf to Nevada (although that’s not a bad idea). Otherwise, I like Star Wars movies well enough. I shut down my brain and just let myself be entertained. The story lines of Star Wars were not exactly what you would would call deep.

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