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  1. €12K for a second-hand car? Are you kidding? What mileage are you looking for? Honestly, GD, cars of the last decade or so do lots of miles without a problem. 50,000 miles on the clock is a low-mileage motor. My van (admittedly a diesel) has done over 200,000 miles, and all I’ve ever done is oil changes and filter changes.

    I was thinking about buying a reliable used motor from the UK, and driving it over here. I’m looking in the £1000 bracket. There’s loads of them.

    • My yoke has under 40,000 Km on the clock [not bad for a 15 year old?].  A Focus with my spec and my mileage would cost around €13,000 with about €1,000 for trade-in.  There is a temptation to import from the UK [before anyone suggests it] but the import duty is massive.  Cars here are grossly overpriced, along with just about everything else.  You should try buying anything in the pharma line!

      • A bit like Greece, then. What I would expect to pay £1000 for in UK will sell here for €5000+. Second-hand car market is stupidly expensive, and I don’t know why, as new cars aren’t much more to buy than in the UK.

  2. My sister lives in Tipperary. She bought a high mileage Toyota land cruiser for her farm for what seemed a lot of dough. I picked up a mint ‘05 BMW X5 Diesel with only 25 k miles 40 k kliks for 9 grand (euros). RHD in France. Surely 12 K should get you something under ten years with notalot on the clock. ( I know the mileage is genuine because I checked it with an Auten car diagnostic computer ). If not seems like vehicles are a bit pricy over your way……..

  3. Hells teeth Pops, these things are ace. Low fuel consumption, easy wipe interior and really, I mean really light controls.

    And they’re a total breeze to park.

    Man, wife, dog – no sweat.

    Man, wife, grown daughter, two grand sprogs – possible, it seats 5.

    Or, if you must have flash, then check out this one.

    Then there’s the Fiat Panda, just avoid the 900cc turbo twin (it vibrates and it is not economical) and don’t pay a cent over Euro 9k.

    By the by, they’re quite tall buggies, so no need to contort yourself getting into one. If you can hack the over engineered hand brake and the gaudy seat fabric, Panda’s the best of the lot for entry and exit.

    • Hmmmmm.  Herself likes the Focus [don’t ask me why]  Dare I suggest something else?  Do I have a death wish?

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