New tricks — 13 Comments

  1. ” I switched on the override and it whirred and exploded…”

    It was a good post up to there….  😛

    *dashed hopes*

  2. By ‘eck, if I’d known you were that clever, you could have come round to mine the other week and fiddled with my pipes.  It would ‘ave saved me a weekend without hot water and heating, and my landlord a large bill from British Gas…



    • I confess my first thought on reading the post was ‘Lucky I’m a private tenant-if anything goes wrong I just email the landlord and it is dealt with’ (often ‘dealt with’ with an alacrity unusual for Norfolk….the county where the phrase ‘by next Michaelmas’ still means an actual calendar date and not just ‘sometime’).

      • The only problem with being a tenant is that the landlord can chuck you out on some pretext or other.  That’s rampant here in Ireland with thousand of homeless on the streets.

        • Indeed- there are 99 problems to being a tenant (try finding a ‘smoking friendly’ let these days here). But ‘maintenance’ isn’t one.

  3. But now herself (astounded by your capabilities and talents) will expect you to fix everything she wants fixing.


    In three minutes.

  4. I’m more impressed with you than ever. Website fixer, trick coder, network guy, sewer pipe blaster and now, furnace ninja. What else can ya’ do?

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