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  1. That’s why it’s always best to put a Post-it over the camera lens before doing (ahem) research.

  2. I would delete this thread Grandad, these scammers can get very nasty and don’t care what they send to other contacts, including real world contacts, its best to ignore, they don’t expect the money but will have some fun which won’t be funny for you if they think they are being challenged.

    • I wouldn’t worry too much, that ‘scammer’ doesn’t even have the intelligence to spell properly never mind run a scam. I’ve had these myself despite a) not visiting any porn site and b) having no cameras on my PC. Love GD’s reply though, mine would consist of 2 words, the second being ‘off’.

    • The whole thing is a scam.  I am supposed to panic and lash of the money “just in case”.

      While what they claim may be technically possible [and I’m not even sure about that], I’m taking into account several factors.

      a) this is a Linux machine behind a firewall.

      b) I don’t visit those sites unless by accident [those damned popups showing me dozens of naked women within a mile of me! Hah!  They obviously don’t know the women around here!]

      c) the email address they used has no connection with this site.

      d) I leave the whole “caress myself in front of a laptop camera” business to frustrated teenagers and sad fucks.  I’m too old for that lark.

      e) if they did somehow manage to activate my laptop camera, all they would see is an old fart, swathed in pipe smoke and more than likely to be swearing at typos and other little frustrations.

      In other words – they can go fuck themselves.  They can even film themselves fucking themselves for all I care.

      • Even if you did spend your days pulling yourself around the house GD, you’d need to be a pretty good gymnast to get it into view on the computer web cam anyway.. I mean, you’d have to be doing it on purpose – unless the webcam is mounted UNDER the desk. And I’m also pretty sure there’s no comfortable way of choking said chicken whilst holding an open laptop in one hand.

  3. Parental controls should help you stop visiting those sites by accident Grandad.  those porn  cam sites which ask for an email address before you can chat for free with the girls are notorious for  scammers.

    • Do you seriously think I would give them my address?  I never give an address unless it’s for a specific purpose that I am requesting.  And mobile numbers?  Never!

  4. I think it was more spam than scam..some opportunists just fired a load of these mails at random addresses and hope for the best…There  will always be  one who will fall for it just like there will always be Nigerian princes looking for help to sort out their financial problems 🙂

    • Welcome Stephen.  I agree.  There is always the chance that some poor sod who has been regularly strangling his chicken will have a moment of panic and at the very least try to find out what has been “filmed”.  This particular scam is a new one for me though.  Even if they only panic one in a million, they’re still 300 dollars [or bitcoins – they don’t seem too sure] better off.

  5. I am replying to your disregarded self. Am sent now laptop cam that demonstrats yourself fondling to many freinds you have then. Some you don’t know even. An I now infect ya laptop with malisious viral soft worm which will make laptop make “pee” sound and die. When hear “pee” sound you make proof with eyes no shit.

    Send $27.35 to my Paypal account immediat!

    No grease period dis time

    Jrasik pahrk, MEH

    (The above nonsense pretty much sums up my state of mind today.)

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