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  1. Happy solstice to you, too!

    Me, I’m very glad that things will improve from now on – my dog, too. Walks are, slowly, oh so slowly, but surely, going to get longer again 😉

  2. This subject has cropped up a few times already today between the missus and me. I fucking hate the winter, not least because of the short days and long nights. Although being further south than you, the differences aren’t so extreme. I think tonight is scheduled to last for 14 hrs and 27 minutes, or thereabouts. Yes, the longer days are certainly cause for celebration.

    I just looked at smokingscot’s link – you have approximately two hours more of darkness than we do tonight. Of course, in high summer at the solstice, you get two hours more daylight than us….

    Swings and roundabouts.

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