Solving the border crisis — 11 Comments

  1. I think you should stand for President Of Ireland. I’d vote for you (if I was Irish). Your solutions sound far more sensible that anything the current shower of shit could come up with 🙂

    • I wouldn’t mind that.  The thought of living in several thousand acres of parkland sort of appeals.  The place would have to be shut off to the Plebs though……

    • My gubmint has told me I don’t want to leave to I must obey.  Funny, but I don’t actually remember them asking me…….

  2. As a former card carrying member of Sinn Féin (caidre) I never thought i would be cheering Tangarlene & The DUPpets! God bless their little orange irish hearts. The sight of OberBrexϟϟhitler Davis having to try and sell ‘alignment’ was priceless. Remember Boys & Girls, I have been saying it from the start: ‘no matter whether Brexϟϟhiteur or Remainer- PMT.May will ensure you all get your just deserts ‘ (I was also saying that Tory PMs -if only May were one- should know better than to count on the DUP…as John Major would say or rather scribble in a notebook).

    If my laptop hadn’t died for good this afternoon I would laughing at the sight of Brexiteurs running around like headless chickens.

    • A card carrying Shinner from Norfolk?  That sounds fucking weird if you don’t mind me saying so.  Mind you, it sounds like the opening line of a song………..

      • Well first off I refute the ‘from Norfolk’ bit of your comment-do you kiss your wife with that foul mouth? I am NOT from Norfolk. I share only 1/4 of my DNA with a certain small village here and I was born in England- proper England (ie within an easy commute of London).

        I became a supporter of The Cause because of the Hunger Strikes and Tatch’s general attitude towards the Island of Ireland (one of the few things I disagreed with the woman about). Think it was Bobby Sands who said ‘eveyone must play their part’ and among the young radical (ie stupid) youth of the UK at the time there was a fairly strong pro-IRA leaning, usually accompanied by a devotion to the ANC and being anti-semitic.

        A bit before the PIRA won /common sense broke out, I came to the realization that the last thing NI needed was another Brit with an opinion so didn’t renew my membership.

  3. The funniest bit was wordage attributed to the DUP lead actress,

    “That would have been a red line in the Irish Sea”

    Anyone who believes politicians decide anything needs to be taken out and given a good slap to bring them to their senses.

    Me I live in no mans land not la la land.

  4. The world of Ireland is not too far from the world of the United States of America. They both countries have “borderline” problems from bad influences. The fatal attraction of the influences is that every peace loving country citizen cannot foresee any change but WORSE. We need a vacation and hope it all heals someway.

  5. ‘re bureaucracy, growth thereoff.

    That excellent little book, Parkinson’s Law, explained it simple language.

    Of course copies are hard to come by, as the Man bought them all, locked them all away, and only permit bureaucrats, Grade 6 and above to read them as training manuals, but only in a secure room, with all ‘phones, cameras, writing material held outside the room.

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