The King Canute Effect — 12 Comments

  1. “It is literally a scam of stellar proportions.” 

    It does seem to be even more of a scam than the ‘smoking’ scare scam….which takes some beating.

    • I reckon that the smoking scam was the initial testing and proving ground.

      BTW I hate to be pedantic Grandad but I think you mean carbon dioxide rather than ionized carbon monoxide. The 2 should be subscript rather than superscript.

  2. So when did Big Business – or any organisation making money – care about real lives?  The World changes over time.  As a species (mostly human) we can’t understand the past few thousand years, let alone the next few thousand.  But now there are plenty of people who can extract cash from the gullible on predictions promulgated by vested interests.  As a certain Mr. Trump might say “Sad, but get used to it”.

  3. All one can do is sit down smoke a bowl have a wee drop or whatever it is that one still deems enjoyable, even though the enjoyment of anything is deemed sinful by the righteous, extend two fingers into a V and wave them at their world.

  4. Whenever I’m on the receiving end of a climate lecture by a true believer, I just look them in the eye and call them an arrogant bastard. Only an arrogant bastard could possibly believe that human beings have more influence on our climate than the colossal nuclear reactor that sits at the heart of our solar system.

  5. “If temperatures continue to rise then we must be penalised even more because we aren’t doing enough.  If the temperatures start to drop then the penalties must be working and we must be penalised even further in case temperatures start to rise again.”

    It’s a variation of Morton’s Fork: “Archbishop of Canterbury John Morton in the late fifteenth century held that someone living modestly must be saving money and, therefore, could afford taxes, whereas someone living extravagantly obviously was rich and, therefore, could afford taxes.”

  6. “there is a close correlation between climate temperatures and CO2…”

    Have you seen Murray Salby’s various lectures – CO2 follows temperature and not the other way around? Hypothesis derived from first principals and matching observations. And explains the T -> CO2 lag seen in ice cores.

    Methinks that the climate scam is waning now (esp if it turns colder), but we still are left with the legacy of all the legislation, regulation and associated groupthink which will take a long while to overturn (unless by a subsequent Global Scaryness, need to Protect The Children, etc…)

  7. First they came for the cows and I did not speak out, because I’m not a cud-chewer.

    However, as one known to rip one off now and again (and again and again) I am more than a little concerned with this new EU initiative.

  8. “Even the wee photograph on top of the site shows the scars of glacial erosion!”

    Yeah, looks like Vermont–also sculpted by glaciers.

    And I have to shake my head at how arrogant our race has become. Thinking we could actually stop the climate from warming or lessening the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Sure, it’s mostly a natural cycle but really, can we (humans I mean) put back all the millions of acres of forest we cut down? Can we suddenly pull all the crap, oil, garbage, sewage and what-have-you we dumped into our oceans out of them? Undo all the damage we’ve done to our environment? And do we really think it would make a difference if we did?

    That’s us. Constantly closing the barn doors after the livestock escaped.

  9. At first I thought there might be something in it, but then they started dealing in carbon credits. Making millions buying and selling nothing.

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