The C words — 8 Comments

  1. You might also have mentioned other “C” words about them like cunning, crafty, cheap, crumby, callous, capricious, careerist, carping, castigating, cataclysmic, catastrophic, catharsistic, censuring, chicanery, chiding, choleric, chronic, churlish, circuitous, circumscribing, clique-ish, coercive, condescending, contemptible, covert, culpable, cynical and yes, counts too.

    • Excellent point.  This have this sincere air about them that they really care about me.  It is all for my own good.  They want to help me because they care so much.

      They can go fuck themselves.  It’s my life and my body.  I make my own decisions about what I do with it.  If they cared so much about me they’d leave me alone and stop hounding, persecuting and punishing me.

  2. Do you, near neighbours, encounter an accompaniment to the c word phenomenon which is very common over ‘ere “and partner agencies” or its abbreviation “partner agencies” ?

    It seems every bugger has to be seen working with a partner these days.

    • I haven’t come across that so much here.  The UK seems to be awash with local groups – sort of subsidiaries of ASH – but that hasn’t caught on here that I know of.  Generally it’s just the same heavenly twins here – ASH and the Irish Cancer Society.

  3. Yea, we must comply with government edicts. Where I work there are large signs exhorting:’ NO SMOKING. IF YOU SMOKE HERE YOU WILL BE ASKED TO MOVE’. At a meeting, we were told that the staff has a collective responsibility to ask smokers, politely, of course, to move on. Fuck that I say, I’m employed as a geneticist, not a fucking bouncer. Anyway, I could give a shit where people choose to indulge a legal product. Imagine a 9 stone (dripping wet) lecturer telling a 25 stone Maori to move on. Now that would be a sight to see. Predictably, the signs are festooned, nay surrounded, by butt ends.

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