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  1. “mullered”

    “Jacobed” (Jacobs Cream Crackerd= ‘Knackered’, London slang)


  2. The Germans, colourful lovers of fun analogies that they are, have one which I use a lot “I feel as if I have been broken upon the wheel” (which harks back to a particularly nasty form of execution in the middle ages) or more commonly simply “wheeled”.

    I move that ” I feel like the thrice brexshited shroud of Lazarus” enter popular parlance.

    • The thing about Germans is that they somehow seem to be able to cram an entire sentence into one word.

      A sentence like “may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits and may you suffer a bad dose of galloping knob rot” becomes something simpler “fuck you”, though with a lot more letters in it.

      • “Gliednekrötisierendeachselinfektierendekamelenflöhenplage”  does just roll off the tongue doesn’t it?

        (might have missed an ‘e’ or an ‘en’ in there somewhere). Germans rock Scrabble.

      • “The thing about Germans is that they somehow seem to be able to cram an entire sentence into one word.”

        Funny. I (= German) always think that it’s much easier to in English cram into one word something for which I’d need a whole sentence in German. 😉

        Oh, and btw, what about the good old “exhausted”?

    • That applies to age rather than tiredness?

      I was going to say physically enhanced, but that’s wrong.  Physically dehanced?

  3. Have I left any out?

    In Australian slang “I’m buggered” is readily understood to mean “I’m exhausted.”

    • Could be applied here, though generally it means “in trouble” as in “They have the evidence, I’m buggered” or  broken as in “this web site is buggered”.

  4. O/T GD but what was the name of the pipe maker(makeress?) you favour? I meant to go back and browse their site at my leisure when you posted about it before.

  5. Nothing a Valium, a small glass of Scotch and a very good nights sleep won’t fix.

    And as long as your grandchildren still dote on their granny and granddad, then who gives a flying fart about their seed donor?

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