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  1. Does the cat have a name?  If not, how about Lennan-Shea/Leannan-Sidhe/etc.


    Sounds a bit like “She”, so he’ll fit in.

    • Officially his name is Malone, but seeing as he doesn’t answer to his name anyway, I think that’s a bit academic.  I shall continue to call him Cat.  It’s a name I won’t forget anyway….

  2. Sounds about normal when it comes to having more than one pet in the house so all is right at the manor.

    A few years back my wife and I had a new addition of the feline persuasion enter our household in the form of a very young female cat named “Marzi”. Scrawny little thing that weighed all of 4 pounds. Our senior, somewhat large, female cat and “Her Scrawnyness” immediately despised each other, mostly on the part of Her Scrawnyness. These days little has changed. Marzi still weighs all of 4 pounds, our senior female is still large and both still despise one another.

    The fun never ends.

    • We had a major bust-up yesterday.  The new rule is that Herself and Cat have the front of the house while Penny and I have the back, with a solid door in between.  It’s working out very well.  I can nearly wear my watch again as the swelling of my left arm is going down, but I’m not so sure about my right index finger.  Every time I try to type, I shall think of Cat.  He has incredibly sharp teeth….

      • Oh right. Forgot to mention that scratches and poke holes go with the territory when it comes to felines. Even when they’re showing how much they love you.

        Enjoy yourselves.

  3. We live in an area blessed with at least three cats, one ours and formerly immensely quiet tabby and unobtrusive, plus two from next door neighbours. Both neighbours are about to leave for various reasons.  One cat is a black and white Burmese with built-in kill-and-destroy instincts, the other a beautiful fluffy white concoction with adorable habits.  The Burmese is accepted by our cat, but due to leave soon.  The fluffy white is often left to its own devices, so we feed her when possible.  Now the dilemma: – our cat takes no notice of the Burmese, but chases the fluffy away when possible.

    How do we solve the problem?

    Unless of course, we get a dog to even out the situation?

    • Definitely get a dog.  It may not solve the problem but will provide hours of entertainment.

  4. Once the dog learns that the cat’s got very, very sharp claws on its feet, which will only happen once the cat stops running away and uses them once or twice, it’ll all be over.  The cat will most definitely then be in charge.  End of story.  Cats always win out in the end.  We once had a tiny, elderly, scrawny tabby who, when introduced to the sister in law’s new Rottweiler very quickly made it clear what happened to whipper-snappers when they got too pushy.  As a result, the dog – which quickly grew to huge proportions – remained utterly terrified of the cat and would retreat respectfully to his bed whenever Moggy strolled by.

    • Well, certainly I have discovered that cats have very very sharp claws and teeth, and I only hope the blood washes out of one of my few good shirts.

      After last night’s Big Bust-up, the dog is now ignoring Cat altogether although Cat is very wary of the dog. Peace reigns provided I keep the door closed between the front and the back of the house.  In fact I am considering bricking up that door altogether.  It may prove inconvenient for Herself as I have the kitchen end, but she’s the one who wanted a cat in the first place.

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