Exploring the space between spaces — 7 Comments

  1. Jeesh, where do I start? So much to comment about on a post such as this. From reflections in a mirror to the Time magazine covers. How do I write up such a comment and not have said comment come out just as long as the post itself? How do I….

    …whoops, there’s the doorbell! Must run as it might be some mind altering drugs from the pharmacy (they mail them these days you see). Too bad though ‘cuz I’m sure it would have been one whacker of a comment.

    • I know!  We are delving into the deepest realms of fill fylossofy phylosfy thought here. That’s what I like about SS.


      Can you send me a list of drugs they supply?  I might be interested in placing an order myself.

      • Even cheaper is to develop terminal cancer a la Raccoon cos  they send out a nurse everyday to swap out the huge syringe (think 2 12 bore shells end to end) of Special K in the pump driver, free of charge. Forget ‘Amazon Prime’ free delivery, the NHS (or whatever your mob call it) is the way to go.


        And SS is…just…..*words fail me*

        • And SS is…just…..*words fail me*  Aw, come on!  He’s not that bad.  He’s a lot more amenable than he used to be?

  2. “Far away planets are always greener.”  Erm, nope!  Mars is far away and red.  

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