Upon being otherized — 9 Comments

  1. Pipe smokers are different from non-pipe smokers. Vive les differences. As a non-smoker I can tolerate Grandad, just about. As a child I had, during the golden sunny summers, a pink freckled face – echt Hibernisch.

    • The bottom line is that everyone is different from everyone else.  Do these people carry around colour charts to decide who to berate?

  2. With reference to the USA, I thought St. Patrick’s Day was an excuse for anyone and everyone to get happily drunk? Socially inclusive, in fact. (Unless one belongs to the Temperance movement?)

    • Of course it is.  It’s an excuse for everyone on the planet to get drunk except for those too miserable to look beyond their narrow politically correct beliefs.

  3. Actually, the Irish I know have not been white, but a sort of faint or very faint off pink. Age will add brown liver spots, warts, scars and other sundries. A touch of sun will brighten it to red. Which is why it is so advisable to find a shady room in a place with an ample supply of the right kind of liquids to avoid dehydration.

    • Having a pure white skin generally means you’re dead, or else have white blood.  The only part of me that’s near white is the strip of skin under my watch strap [and a few other places usually hidden by clothing] and that’s a sort of dark pink.

  4. The pub I went to in north Miami is one of these typically over the top venues where the waitresses had on the skimpiest skirts with stockings (pause for breath) and the lads all wore green kilts. Have to admit that some of the male shanks made me feel sorry for them and wonder how they kept their socks up. There were a couple of black guys who had painted their hair and beards green. All good fun.

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