An Identity non-Crisis — 19 Comments

  1. You are a “consevatarian”.  So am I.  I am mostly a Libertarian but I don’t believe in a large government.  I believe that my country was founded for the individual.  Back in my twenties I was a full blown socialist and I was all for a large central government.  The older I got the more I realized that a large government was not responsive to the individual.  There is a famous quote of Winsten Churchill  that goes something like…  In your twenties if you’re not a liberal, you have no heart and if in your fourties if you are not a conservative you have no brain.

    • A favourite quip (from whom, I cannot remember) which I like to quote because it reflects my own attitude:

      “I used to be a socialist, but then I got mugged by reality.”

    • So you have just added yet another grouping [which I have never heard before]. 

      Out of interest I took a quiz – – which was difficult as its essentially for Americans, but it tells me I’m just a Libertarian, which is absolutely fine by me.

  2. Heh, I never really tried to know who I was as far as, well, as far as what you’re writing about in your post. The white male, non-religious, heterosexual thing was obvious to me from very early on but I pretty much figured it was a waste of time to try put myself into a certain set of categories politic-wise. And I had no problem telling anyone exactly that if they enquired. One thing (actually quite a few things) that would really piss me off was someone telling me I was either this or that and sometimes the other thing. Like I had to actually pick one. So I didn’t bother.

    The one thing I do know is that if someone wants to fly they damn well better have both wings attached (you know, both right and left?). And, for some hidebound, numb-as-a-hake type folks, I’d like to see their faces when they finally realize that having both wings attached places them firmly in the middle.

    Something like that anyway.


    • There is a fascination these days for lumping people into categories and then addressing the category instead of the individual.  I would just like to know when someone labels me as something, whether I should shake them by the hand of kick ’em in the nuts.

  3. Rather than being tribal I reckon that whoever we voted for last time should not be the one we vote for next time. Even if we disagree with them. If everyone did that it’d probably sort most problems out.

    So, in answer to your musing, fuck categorisation.

    Sidenote: initially anti-Trump, now i’m thinking he has the potential to do some good. Time will tell but great fun in meantime watching the pathetic media reaction.


    • If we switched voting each time we’d end up flip-flopping between Fine Gale and Fianna Fáil all the time.  Which is more or less what we do anyway.  Does anyone notice the difference?

      • Feck it, just fling one over to PBP, SF, a few independents and it’d be 12 years min before you got back round to those old farts. By which time they might have disappeared off the planet with a bit of luck.

        I might even write ‘Donald Trump’ on the next ballot paper. Just for the hell of it.

        Yep, politics cynical 🙂

  4. A college lecturer in political philosophy [ask Danny H-R about that] used to urge his students to go and stir things up after graduation. He was politely asked what his own political philosophy was and replied: I’m a conservative anarchist. Nuf said.

  5. it wasn’t about trump getting in but keeping Hilary out. We have a lot to thank assange and Edward Snowdon for. These are the people who should be getting awards and not Mary Robinson or Obama!

    • Very true.  It wasn’t a pro-Trump or pro-Clinton vote.  It was an anti-Clinton and anti-Trump vote.  Negative politics at its best!

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