Arachnophobia — 12 Comments

  1. "2 inches"  is that all?  I was chasing its bigger cousins 4 – 5 inches long with the hose on the vacuum cleaner last night.  Much more satisfying than squirting them  – they'd probably just think it was perfume anyway.  Otherwise our dogs try to eat them and as its difficult to tell from the half digested remains whether it was a poisonous one, up the vac they go. Prevention being better than cure and all that!

    • The bear traps keep the bigger ones at bay.

      A house we stayed in in France was full of spiders when we arrived.  I went around with a vacuum and sucked up the lot.  I then emptied the dust bag in a corner of the garden and never saw so many drunken looking spiders in my life.  They all scuttled around and not one could do a straight line.  That's a story for their grandkids?

      • Grandpere Spider: ” Zoot alors! mes petits, when I was leetle I was whisked off in a Dyson time masheen…. One minute I was dangling from zee ceiling and *insert sucking noise* the next I was dancing in zee field…”

        Spider Grandkids: ” WAAOOOOW!”

  2. eycalyptus oil you say? humm, thank your missus for me will you, I can't stand the 8 legged things and my Mr. has more fun catching them to release them after he's chased me with it to look at it. Fuck I hate spiders.

    • It seems to work remarkably well.  Just a few drops in a bottle of water and spray where they might enter a room.  Apparently lemon essence works also.  It saves me a hell of a lot of chasing around anyway.

      • ask the missus for me if there is anything for lizards or small snakes. Mr. enjoys finding them in the woodpile and bringing them in to show me…seems I married a 12 yr old in a 60 something body.

        • She suggests a prayer to Saint Patrick.

          She also says she has something growing in the garden that is excellent for eradicating 60 year old husbands.

          Now I'm even more worried!  It's one of the reasons I do all the cooking here.

          • Sulphur is a snake repellent.  Mothballs dotted round your garden also for snakes and they don’t like peppermint oil.  Use coffee grounds to repel lizards.  Some garden centres have snake repellents which you spray round the perimeter of the garden.  However, if there are snakes in the garden make sure they’ve vacated the premises otherwise the boundary spray will keep em in!

  3. Have the spiders taken over your home page? Apparently i'm banned from seeing it (intermittently) but don't seem to have a prob with posts. The little critters rule the web!

    • Something went a bit iffy in the engine room.  I removed the discombobulator and detached it from the grumble-switch.  There seems to be a bit of a hangover though, whether it's down to cobwebs or not I can't say.

      Hopefully it will sort itself out shortly?

  4. I'm getting  "the site's security certificate is not trusted" but I click proceed anyway and get October 11 too.

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