Cataclysmic Disaster — 15 Comments

  1. You’re not the only one with engine troubles today Grandad. Mine own humble place had a few gremlins in the engine room (now thoroughly displaced to the garden, so I hope).

    How do I always end up with extra plugs ?

    • It must be something to do with sunspots?  I just bung any spare plugs in with all the nuts and bolts that get left over when I work on the car.

      I have just been on to my architect and surveyor – I may be moving the entire site to a new location which will be great fun [and also means the site will be down for some time]. 

      Ain't this scribbling lark fun?

  2. I didn't fuck off Grandad, I was busy testing all those defences you have… know all the challenges you enjoy doing. Load of bollocks really aint it!! Anyway just to let you know …all those who got the sept 2 page could have seen the updated blog if they knew what to do without leaving the site. The  best bit about this scribbling mularky for me is writing complete shite under "Bill Sticker"  as I have for few days now and you take it all in hook line and sinker….great fun!. Of course the culture of no disagreement/confrontation/questions/arguments between blog hosts is how  subjects like smoking denial gets spread and other looney views…..Thats why my shit about "staring at blank pieces of paper at the end of my nose until words appear"  or "chainsawing trees in an adventure park" gets  posted without one blogger calling me a cunt….and you Grandad give that shit credibilty because " Bill " is in your club. How can blogs survive when there are no opposing views?…real life is full of debate/banter/arguments/opposing views. Blogland is mostly  a bastardised daft pen pal club of agreement at all costs…desperate measures to halt the decline by joining new clubs like Martin Scriblerus just slows it down a little. Blog hosts its your own doing…..what the fuck is the problem with posting  "smoking kills"….only in blogland is that comment  trolling. Look forward to the new site Grandad….just think if you had just let one harmless view  about smoking stay on your blog…I would have fucked off.

    • "real life is full of debate/banter/arguments/opposing views"

      Except when being visited by a slight-framed ill woman, in which case you cack your pants, pretend you aren't a troll and say you "couldn't understand why people wasted their time abusing others on the internet". No wonder Anna said it was so bright in your garden, it'll be that rich yellow stripe down your back. 


      • Trolls when confronted are always cowards. This one is no exception.  A  pathetic little creep with an over inflated ego.

    • Thanks, Joe!  It should stay working for a while now, but as I said above, there is about to be a major upheaval.  Hopefully I'll get advanced notice and will post a warning…

    • Had to drop some of the defenses while sorting problems.  I could delete it, but the poor child needs a little reward after months of effort?

  3. Ye Gods, GD, is that pathetic piece of excrement still at it? You'd have thought he'd have got bored by now. Still, I suppose he has to have something to masturbate about. Pity he's not a normal loser, and just looks at porn sites to get his jollies.

    • It baffles me how someone can be so simple minded as to get enjoyment out of trying to annoy people.  I bet that when he's not on line he loves pulling wings off flies.  A very sad individual.

  4. Upheavals happen. No worries…

    I once tried to run all of the necessary services to keep stuff working.

    Failed miserably. So have no right to complain about others..

    It may be relevant that I get paid to make such stuff work sometimes. 

    Can one spell charlatan 🙂


  5. I didn't bother to say anything since there was nothing to say anything about. Your posts came in like clockwork every day into my feed reader and although our rabid neighbor and her miserable family have kept Herself and I fairly busy of late, I've been able to follow those feed reader links right to the related post without a problem. Commenting notwithstanding.

    It still sounds like you have a ghost in the machine. HR wouldn't be "waking up" now would it?

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