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  1. If you had got Herself to stand and hold the wires, they wouldn’t have been on the floor and it would have kept her busy while Whineline was on.

    • She would have refused.  Joe Duffy is apparently an essential part of the day and not to be missed.  That's why I didn't tell her I was going to disconnect everything – it's easier to apologise than to get permission.

  2. Last time I looked behind my computer and absorbed the bowl of multicoloured spaghetti lurking there, I vowed to tidy it up. That was a couple of years ago. But now I'm moving, so the tidy-up is no longer something I can prevaricate about. The thought fills me with dread. I'm going to have to put tags on all the cables, I think.

    I've done connections with 'phone wires in the past, and my biggest problem was that each plastic sheathed wire had only about three strands of very fine wire inside – not very easy to connect to the other three strands of very fine wire. Normal connectors just grind the wire into dust.

    So how do you make those connections, GD?

    • Making the connection is easy provided you leave about two feet of cable to spare.  You carefully remove the insulation from the wires that are no thicker than a human hair, and then curse violently as you find you've cut through the core again.  Repeat, until you find you have used up all the spare and have barely enough cable to reach.  If by some stroke of luck you manage to achieve a nicely stripped length of copper, connect very carefully.  Curse violently as the copper snaps.  Go have a stiff whiskey and decide to leave the job for another day.

      • Ah, sounds like I was doing it right, then. I generally follow all the steps you've listed. I'm obviously a natural.

  3. My  Laptop has to be on the kitchen table at all times, I got banned from bedrooms with doors shut a long long time ago. 

  4. My crime was  being caught by ths missus "pausing" a You Tube video of Carol Vorderman on Countdown in a tight fitting short skirt..


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