Let your figures do the talking — 4 Comments

  1. It’s odd, isn’t it, that all these “experts” don’t seem to mention, whenever there’s a rise in cancer cases, of whatever scale, that these rises have happened at precisely the same time as the number of people smoking, and thus also the amount of environmental tobacco smoke, has been experiencing its greatest decline?  Ditto the “obesity crisis.”  No-one – not a single, solitary “expert” – ever even hints at the fact that obesity rates have increased in almost direct correlation with the lower number of people smoking, despite the fact that we are virtually all now surrounded by people we personally know who have grown to twice their original size since quitting. 


    I guess, it’s just too embarrassing to admit that there’s a “downside” to their anti-smoking Holy Cow, isn’t it?  Far better to spout glaringly obvious rubbish than to make any uncomfortable, if self-evident, connections.  And then they wonder why no-one listens to them any more …

    • They can never ever admit that their actions have unintended consequences.  They wiffle on about 3,726 bar staff being "saved" from second hand smoke [it's always 3,726 for some strange reason, no matter what year] without a whisper about the publicans who lost their businesses, the bar staff who were put out of work or the old folk who were driven into isolation and in some cases, suicide.  They are so blinkered that they just cannot see anything outside their narrow little view of the world. 

      • Excellent observation,.  They blindly accept their dogma and reject all else.  They are convinced smoking is evil and rational analysis eludes them.

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