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  1. I had a good chuckle at Anna's blog. She's got balls, walking up and confronting him like that. Ha! I bet that really took him by surprise.

    The most telling result of the encounter was the fact that even though he'd been 'outed' by her, he continued to troll her site. It really makes one wonder what sort of twisted take on life this guy has. He's been at it for years, now, spitting his bile all over the place. He has a particular hatred of smokers (which is where it all started), and warped though that is, it's not that unusual among the more mindless of the truly indoctrinated; the odd thing about this guy is that he seems to have developed an addiction for trolling, and his targets are now indiscriminate. He must devote vast amounts of time and effort into establishing all his proxies, hacking identities etc, and all so he can be obnoxious to people who couldn't care less whether he lives or dies; and much less what his opinions are.

    There are some very strange people in this world…

    • The man is quite obviously suffering from some kind of mental illness.  What's strange though is that his missus seems to be quite happy with his little game? 

      Even as I type this, he's trying to get in!

      Fair dues to Anna – as you say, it takes some guts to confront someone who is so obviously deranged.

      • Yes, he is. Anna mentioned as much she has experience in the field. I had long since detected sociopathic tendencies and obsessive behaviour.

  2. I don't think this is trolling now.  300 attempts and not just you Grandad?  This is cyber-stalking and should be reported, in my humble opinion.  You've got plenty of evidence between you and now its not just virtual, its real life in your face.  It needs knocking on the head before something untoward happens.

    A while ago, not when Adam was a lad, more like when Moses got the tablets, me and the Distant Rellies were threatened by some idiots on-line on a newspaper forum,  serious threats that is.  We had no idea who they were – turned out they were moderators gone rogue picking on someone and because we stood up for their victim they turned on us.  We sought advice, needless to say.  We were told to go to our local cop shop and make a complaint.  At the time, most cop shops in the UK depending on size had cyber-crimes depts for this sort of thing.  Don't know if this is still the case.  Just thought I'd mention it.

    • Dickie is a nasty little shit.  His tactic is to bully, sneer, harass and intimidate with threats, and his method is to use the Dark Net.  He does it for 'fun' or so he claims.  He is seriously deranged and must suffer from a feeling of desperate inadequacy.  He needs a hospital more than a cell.

  3. 300!?! That's chicken shit.

    Since 10 o'clock this morning he's made 747 attempts to post shite on mine. Every attempt has failed. He's still at it as we speak. I'll just take another peak at the WPBan counter…..

    Yep. Still at it. Now standing at 751….

          • 1,311

            All on the same banned IP now. 1,138 on and still counting!

            Must be automated ? although the thought of him sitting there all night does make me chuckle…


            The man is a idiot. With a bit of luck he'll get so engrossed he'll forget to eat and starve to death.


            This is getting boring but at least while he's on mine he's leaving everyone else alone.

            • That sounds automated to me.  Why on earth would anyone repeatedly try and access an IP they know is blocked?  It makes no sense even to an idiot like Dickie.

              Herself will be happy though – for some reason she judges my posts not on content but on comments [it comes from hanging around on Farcebook and counting 'likes'?].  You will have made her very happy.  Keep counting!

              • Been out all morning and just checked. 

                1685. Thinking of running a contest over at the Trolls Lair as to when the count hits 2000

                So far Mrs D has been remarkably brilliant at guessing the numbers! I wondered about automation but the time patterns are too irregular. Also doubt he has the technical nouse….

                • It shows a remarkable level of dedication and obsession far beyond the the ab subnormal.  I seriously think they should dissect and research his brain, and as soon as possible for the sake of science?

                • The prat is already doing that from under his bridge – running a competition as to when the count (o is optional!) hits 2000!

  4. How very odd.  I thought that Rickie-Dickie-Doubleday, or whatever moniker he’s currently using had been “outed” as the fat slobby one from Norfolk who spends his life in his local pub getting drunk and insulting anyone he didn’t like, but particularly smokers.  Or is that another one?  Anyone remember?  And what ever happened to “David from New Mills?”  Anyone recall him from the “early days?”  He was one of the first ones whose spoutings I was unfortunate enough to have read (ah, those were the days!) – but I haven’t heard or read anything from him recently.  He was very – err – enthusiastic.  Perhaps he trolled himself into an early, apoplectic heart attack, which would be highly ironic, as he spent half his time telling everyone else how they were all about to suffer an early and awful demise for not obeying the lifestyle guidelines of the experts, just like he had.


    But really, the fact that even after Anna’s conversation with Rickie he hasn’t stopped trolling indiscriminately – not even her – does indicate some form of addiction, n’est pas?  And the fact that he was so overtly charming when he met her ties in, too – two of the most major defining features of any addiction being both denial and secrecy.  Just goes to show that “behind closed doors” and all that.  Maybe Midsomer Murders isn’t so far-fetched after all …..

    • He is very much outed.  We all know who he is and he knows we know but he is insane enough to continue. 

      One thing that really pisses him off is that he has his own website!  What's worse [for him] is it gives his full name and address and there is damn all he can do about it.

      Regarding Anna's post claiming he was 'overtly charming' was a little bit of literary license on her part!  A certain amount of under embellishment?

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