Astounding new survey — 15 Comments

    • Agreed – and the British Medical Journal – and do a press release for the Daily Mail.

      It's far more objective than most of the trash any of them publish, especially the putrid muck that Tobacco Control churns out.

  1. I am in agreement with the unsurprising findings of the report, but you state in the formal preamble that it analyses "the opinions of a very large section of society, ranging from Male through to Female." There may be whelps of protest from pet animals and transsexuals that their balancing views on the matter have not been included in your elaborate statistical calculation. In Q4 there is good news about the state of health of the extended family based on marriage between a man and a woman [the Good Book countenances no other combination] . Only 2.38% of respondents said that they would drop a spare nuclear device on their mother-in-law. Minimal 'fall-out' haha. I am glad that family pets were an unthinkable target in the survey.

    • Male is at one extreme end of the spectrum and female is at the other.  In between the two there seems to be an increasingly large number of strange options.

      I was surprised at the low count for the Mother-in-Law.  But there again she's up against some pretty stiff opposition.  Or maybe those voters just did my trick of putting in the least likely answer?

  2. Sounds legit to me.

    [Also, I do enjoy having to fill in all my details again every comment, it refusing to remember them.]

  3. The results just prove what I've always known about surveys. And as soon as I remember what that was I'll post back.

    In the meantime, I think I'll do a survey of my own. It will have one question only.

    Are you male or female?



    That ought to raise the eyebrows of a certain community of people while confusing the hell out of the rest.

  4. I voted "hail arious!" just because it was spelled wrong.  It could also be a greeting ..or maybe a trick question.  As the old witch  ma-in-law is pushing up daisies there's no point in wasting a nuke is there?  so WHO it is! 😀 Worthy of Gallup 😉

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