The Reverse Second Hand Effect — 10 Comments

  1. "our weights gently undulate from one extreme to the other."

    Careful there. Yo-yo dieting is very bad for your health

    • You have nothing to fear [unless of course you move to Ireland]…

      Do you want to catch grey hairs from me?

  2. “And what about smoking? Will they discover that mixing smokers with non-smokers will cause smokers to quit through the Reverse Second Hand Effect? Will smokers be forced against their will to smoke in pubs and workplaces so that they catch the non-smoking effect? Or would all the non-smokers become smokers and the gentle swaying from one state to the other start there too?”

    I have no idea, but I’m going to start hanging around with lesbians.

  3. Sweet suffering cheeses!  Where will this all end?  If I spend all my time around domestic pets will we get this second-hand reversal?  Me to dog and them to human? Next there'll be a Second Hand Reverse Second Hand Effect and we'll all be back at square one.  I can wait!  Woof!

    • They often say that pets look like their owners [or is it the other way around?].  Possibly this is the reason? 

      [*thinks of smart remark about licking one’s balls, but decides not to write it*]

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