Pokemon Go — 14 Comments

  1. Apparently there are moves afoot to classify Pokemon as a religion. I shit you not!

    We could always set the Jedi on them I suppose?

    • "Where one or more shall gather in my name"? 

      I suppose it's no more insane that the Church of Climate Change or the Church of Health?

  2. Grandad,
    I note in the video none of those dudes are speaking English; it seems they prefer to communicate in Like…
    As, apparently, this is coming to our streets, I really do need to stay in more.

    • I wonder if Google does a translate?  It does bear a distant resemblance to English as you will hear the odd familiar word.  Like, awesome… Dooood.

  3. It isn't called Pokemon GO for nothing! There's a clue in the title.  If they'd called it "Go Potentially Top Yourself " it doesn't have the same ring.  It also collects all your Go-ogle account details though they say they're fixing that.  One wonders if they'll delete all the details they collected before they fixed it??  As for this Poke generation spawning the next nerds, with all the media promoting transgender nonsense they'll all be having their bits cut off and render themselves infertile in their "augmented reality".  Cool, awesome, shite – pick an adjective that fits! 

    • I saw that all right about Google.  Want to know everything about everyone?  Just invent a computer game where all information is gladly given.  Or invent Farcebook!

      I wonder what would happen if they developed a 3-D version of Pokemon where people had to wear goggle things all the time?  Then the cull would really begin!

  4. Oh! I just commented on this very phenomenon… Buggers were poking about looking for Pokemon bats in my buddleia last night.

    • That is extremely rude?  No one pokes around in my buddleia unless I'm married to 'em.  Little fuckers!

  5. Such computer games are for men with adult bodies and teen boys' minds. They'd be better occupying their spare time cleaning up street rubbish for the summer tidy towns contest. Or they could get together and play darts and snooker at the local pubs.

    • Ah here now!  Cleaning the streets is fine, but cluttering up our pubs?  They're for adults only.

  6. Well there’s one in NZ who, rather bored with life as a bartender and barista, has quit his job to devote his life to playing the game!

    And his Mummy and Daddy seemingly support him!

    However there seems to be no risk whatsoever of this perckerwill ever gaining any form of productive employment.

    Doubtless at some point their social security equivalent will wish to know why he’s claiming unemployment benefit. Certainly NZ taxpayers have the right to know.

    Just wish I’d bought shares in Nintendo. They’re up 53%!

    • God help humanity if he ever gets around to breeding.  So he says his Daddy always knew he'd be famous?  Well, there's fame and there's fame.  In his shoes I'd rather stay anonymous, just in case I ever decided to return to the human race.

  7. Natural selection at work, once again.

    Bad enough that taking a bus through the CBD of my city here in West. Aus. can nearly take out two mindless fools on their pheuns in just 100m. Heaven forbid what this game might do!

  8. Natural selection the great leveler, removing the wheat from the chaff and the dozy scrotes from the gene pool….. 

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