The Need for Speed — 4 Comments

  1. Good luck with the new system though I feel the 21st century isn't all its cracked up to be.  We still have to have two phone lines even though that bloke Sarko said circa 2008 everyone will have broadband here by 2009.  If you challenge that the folks in the shadows say the Pres said it, so now it eez true.  Its not.  We have Elastic-band and pay an arm and leg for it. TV is free for us (wink wink) but we never watch it  

    • If I lost my Interweb than how could the world possibly survive without my rambings?  Nature is doing its damndest with those trees getting in the way of my signal, so the fibre could be the cavalry riding to the rescue.  Couldn't give a shit about the television but can't do without it as it keeps Herself off the gin of an evening.

  2. You’re not the only one on some sort of “wireless concoction.”

    My home runs on some 3G network contraption. Our suburb (about 15 minutes from the CBD of Perth, Australia) is in something of a 3G “twilight zone,” sometimes the signal ain’t quite up to snuff, therefore no connection is possible. At the best of times, my speeds are about 2-3mbps down, 0.2 or so up. “First world country…” Oftentimes, the speeds are not even half that.

    One day there might be Fibre-to-the-node or home. I wouldn’t hold my breath. The local council is too busy bitching about some planned highway’s “destroying natural and rare habitats” to communicate with the NBN Co. about our connection status.

  3. I live in a new build on a development of 120 houses in the town centre. Staggeringly, BT didn’t see fit to install fibre when they wired the estate.


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