Coincidence — 7 Comments

  1. Funny coincidence. Pfizer happens to have a seat on the Tobacco & Health Committee of the Scottish Parliament (toward the foot of the page on link).

    And yes Chantix is the default smoking cessation aid provided by the Scottish NHS.

    Heck if it looks like corruption and smells like corruption, then it is corruption. Especially in this myopic “devolved” parliament.

    • Damn!  Just look at that list of "charities"!  How many of those are leeching out of the tax-pot?

  2. The biggest secret of big pharma…..and why no-one tell the truth?
    Pfizer Chantix containing metoclopramide sparks and it is neurotoxic !! It is neuroleptic drug.

    Metoclopramide is very dangerous drug as you know. Pfizer has a patent and they do not tell the truth.
    Pfizer Chantix containing metoclopramide sparks ! People have been seriously injured and died around the world…..too many victims ! How can this be possible ??
    This is the biggest scandal ever. Who is responsible about all this ?…. someone need to tell the truth about poison Chantix ??

    Active ingredient: varenicline tartrate, patent names Chantixreg and Champixreg = metoclopramide.

    ….. thousands of victims?? How can this be possible?

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