The Church of the Atheist — 9 Comments

  1. Did the letters editor of the newspaper deliberately censor the words of politeness Could the good Professor please tell me that originally preceded the question in the third paragraph of the draft letter in yesterday's blog post? Or did you have second thoughts and drop the polite approach to the Prof? 

    • Hah!  I didn't notice that little drop of editing.  It was indeed edited at their end, as I rarely have second thoughts in matters like that.

      • So, the 'paper of record' has censored your politeness! Ireland is headed for the gulag. They might exile you to Inisvickillane, with all computers and mobile phones confiscated.

  2. Would being licensed mean that your premises were also licensed?

    (By the way, graves in your part of the world are valuable real estate!)

    • Licensed?  If you mean do I have booze in the house, then yes.

      Regarding real estate, the grave is probably worth more than the house.  That grave is indeed valuable and they'll only take it from me over my dead body.

  3. I now have an image of you living in a whitewashed stone cottage with thatched roof from which you can see the tiny church with bell tower, beyond which is the village shop which sells Everything (have you ever found out why they keep giving you stuff?).

    • You're not far off the mark.  The cottage is indeed stone [granite] which is whitewashed [and it needs a new coat].  The roof however is slate.  The church I'm talking about is up another valley so it can't be seen [or heard] from here.  There is another church down the village and sometimes I can hear the mournful clang of its bell.

  4. I am not sure of the current practice, but in years past if you were buried in Hong Kong it was only for 5 years. After that your body was exhumed and someone else could then be buried in your former grave. 

    I'd make sure the grave digger was not offering a short term lease or worse yet a time share.

    • So what do they do with the bodies they have exhumed?  Turn 'em into bonemeal for fertiliser?  Dump 'em at sea?  Sell them as tourist artifacts?

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