Targeting the children — 9 Comments

  1. I'm quite surprised the Nannys haven't brought law in to say you need to lock your smokes up at home as if they were guns and register with the state with a form in triplicate that you do smoke and may be a repeat offender in smoking again. Arses! (nannys not you)

    • It wouldn't surprise me if they did.  There again, if all packs were locked up, no one would see the medi-porn they're bringing out.

  2. Mind control. It's tobacco telepathy. If they say it is true, then it IS true. Public Health never lie.

    • That is the only logical conclusion I can come to as well.  How else could you have invisible advertising?  The very fact that they say tobacco is being advertised is sufficient for the kids to all light up.

  3. Tobacco Control live in a parallel world where up is down, black is white, every smoker would love to be a non-smoker, extortionate taxes don't encourage a black market, millions die every year from getting a whiff of someone's cigarette, 'Glitzy' packaging makes everyone want to go out and buy loads of packets of fags, all smokers love being turfed out of the pub if they want a smoke and "WE ARE TOBACCO CONTROL, AND WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU BECAUSE WE ARE CARING, COMPASSIONATE PEOPLE WHO ONLY WANT THE BEST FOR YOU."

    And they wonder why they are universally despised by people who have more than one functioning brain cell..


    • Apart from the question I posed above, I am also baffled as to why people can't see this obvious flaw in the argument.  The next time a Puritan spouts about advertising to kids, just ask "How?"

    • ….and what kind of mental process is at work to see nothing flawed in the 'doors of shame' hiding the mediporn that TC wants to be prominent on "plain" packs such that The Children recoil in horror? 

  4. On live radio many times I have debated just this point with the puritan fanatics. They refer to the packaging as advertising, simple as that. I am dismissed as gullible when I correct them and call it by its right name, "Branding." 

    As with every other area of commercial competition, the brands are fighting each other for market share, not advertising/fishing for new business. 

    Incidentally, are these new "Disney Fags" really good for a cough? What have you heard about them and where can I try them?

    • Next time, ask them where the kids are supposed to see the packaging/branding.  The ony time I ever see it is after I have bought it.

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