Barking mad — 7 Comments

  1. I was going to comment but as I kept reading your post you managed to cover everything I was going to put into said comment. It's really not fair that you're managing to cover not only the post content but the comment replies as well. The poor reader can't get in a word edge-wise. 😉

    • Next time I'll stop mid-sentence half way through and you can finish?  A bit like that game where you pass the story around a group where each person adds a sentence but can only see what the previous person wrote?

      • You mean something like, Head "fill-in-the-blank" Rambles? Um…no. But thanks anyway. I much prefer it as it is.

  2. Well can't say I wasn't warned can I. I'll just have to practice in the mirror before I tell my Mr. to watch out for the cats getting into his e-cigs, need to practice doubt I can keep a straight face

  3. Dogs now die of lung cancer when the original testing on "Smoking causes lung cancer" was on dogs in smoking machines – very cruel – that produced NO lung cancer in the dogs! And tobacco extract on the shaved skin of mice that also produced no cancer.

    Watch from 7.04 minutes in this video – see what the cat does! A laugh, I think.


    • Heh!  I finally managed to watch this morning.  Lovely!  You'll have the animal rights crowd screaming though despite the cat being as placid and relaxed as only a cat can be.

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