No Nominating Lifestyle Day — 6 Comments

  1. Where I work our Elfin Safety staff are usually besieged by posters and stickers and leaflets and goodness knows what else in the run-up to the Big Day, and usually end up rather grudgingly putting one solitary poster up on the staff noticeboard and chucking the rest away, because no-one’s interested in any of it and it just hangs around getting tattier and tattier until one of the cleaners eventually removes it.  But this year there’s been nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  So much so that I didn’t even realise it was the Big Day until now.  Mmm.  I wonder if perhaps the Big Day is running short of funds (hooray!) and has had to cut back on the massive amount of waste paper it produces.

    Anyway.  Too late now.  Guess I’ll now just have to wait until next year to make the specific point of totally ignoring the Big Day, as I have for the last several years.  Aww, shame!

    • I would love to know just how much these "Days" cost the taxpayer.  Even more, I would love to know what they hope to achieve.  Do they have this surreal idea that a dedicated smoker is going to quit the fags for one day and suddenly see the light?  Did anyone actually give up for one day?  Basically it's just a money grabbing and feelgood exercise by the Zealots so they can justify their existence.

      I must make a note in the diary though for next year so that I can ignore it properly.

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