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  1. I had a go on this on a day or so back. If sites rely on forcing people to download their adverts at their own cost, then they shouldn't be too surprised when people decide to block them. If they cannot come up with another way of raising revenue, then too bad.

    Yes, I use Adblock too. I use it because I fail to see why I should pay to have advertisements for tat I don't want and will never buy thrust into my face without consent.

    • Indeed you did.  I had forgotten what with all the excitement of life.

      There is one site I visit occasionally where I can't play their video unless I switch off Adblocker.  I switch it off and they launch into a series of advertisements.  Is this supposed to make me buy?  I go off and make a cuppa tea or something until their little "ad break" is over.  It is not an inducement to buy – it is a fucking irritant.  The only possible reason is that they can go to the advertisers and say that that video had been watched X times which is utterly meaningless.

  2. Adblock is invaluable for folks with a limited data allowance, i e most mobile deals.

    • Absolutely.  Nothing worse than sitting, waiting for some damned ad to appear before you can get to the content and knowing that it's sucking up the data.

  3. Homely lady from Russia would love to meet you. That's the kind of ad that's hard to Adblock. But if a leaflet with a similar message comes through my letterbox addressed to The Occupant, I'll know what to do.

    • I have never seen those on a web site, but there again I have seen precious few due to my blocking.  Are they the same as the F~ckbuddy who keeps writing to me?  If it's any help, they "just want to get my pu$̟$͊y f~cked hard" apparently.

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