We must sacrifice joy for the sake of our health — 6 Comments

  1. A modern obsession with technology, health and social-psychological 'expertise' has taken us away from spontaneous joy. It has also taken us away from natural human instincts and common sense. Your example of state-sponsored parenting courses for young parents who can't/won't rely on hereditary instincts is a case in point.

    • I have asked the gubmint how I should reply to this but they haven't responded yet……

      Where is Nanny when I need her?

  2. I was clearing snow from the footpath in front of my house and was told not to do that because if someone slipped on the cleared bit I would be liable to prosecution, I told them to fuck off and finished clearing anyway. On the main subject of no joy in life, my kid gets a lot of pleasure because I have brought her up to be non politically correct, among other things I taught her that gay means carefree and happy whereas queer means unusual or peculiar and pushing manure uphill using your willy instead of a wheel barrow is fucking queer, or the other way around. I also taught her that if someone says something rude or nasty to her, don't be offended, file it away for future use against somebody you wish to offend. I read on another blogsite recently that the best way to piss-off miserable people is to always be happy, the bastards can't handle that. I think I may be wavering a bit with regards to having to be told what to do, I have recently had a STOP sign installed a the top of my ladder.

    • Welcome Coffin!  [and I never thought I'd hear myself say that..]

      I'm delighted to hear there is some real parenting going on in the world.  I also applied much the same principles to my own daughter – question everything and believe nothing.  I'm glad to say she has turned out to be a beautiful cynic, for which I take full credit. 😈

      I do confess to having one item of Nanny Stateism in the house – a No Smoking sign on the door out to the garden.  That's where I insist all non-smokers go.

    • the best way to piss-off miserable people is to always be happy, the bastards can't handle that

      On the limits of this approach, may I quote this Jerry Seinfeld monologue:

      You ever hear the expression: "The best revenge is living well"?.., In other words, it means, supposedly the best way to get back at someone is by being happy and successful in your own life. Sounds nice. Doesn't really work on that Charles Bronson kind of level. You know, those movies where his whole family gets wiped out by some street scum. You think you could go up to him: "Charlie, forget the.357. You need a custom-made suit and a convertible new carpeting, French doors, a divan. That'll show those punks."

  3. One is this modern obsession with health”


    Yes, and a very big one it is, too.  Why?  Well, because pretty much everything that is fun (real fun, I mean, not “organised,” “approved,” or “instructed,” fun) is deemed by “the experts” to be bad for you, whereas everything which is deemed to be good for you by those self-same experts are, almost without exception, either boring, unpleasant or a massive chore to be endured “for the sake of one’s health.”  Does anybody really enjoy always being the driver at social events because “I don’t drink alcohol because it’s bad for me?”  Does anybody really enjoy sweating away in the gym, or paddling boringly up and down a swimming pool, or puffing and panting their way around their housing estate in the pouring rain (or the freezing cold, or the boiling sun?).  Does anybody really enjoy wading through a great pile of plain salad or under-cooked veg whilst all their friends tuck into big juicy steaks or fried chicken?  Does anybody really enjoy their morning coffee break sipping their lukewarm, caffeine-free brew accompanied by the office bore, without the added zing of a cigarette and the liveliness and chatter of their jolly smoking friends?  Of course they don’t!  They only say they enjoy those things – and all the “benefits” which supposedly accrue from them for the very same reason as they are doing them in the first place – because they’ve been told to!

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