Ireland’s solution to Climate Change — 9 Comments

  1. I imagine the leaden Dunc would make an exception of himself as regards his own large car. He'd have to keep that because he sees himself as required to get around the country lecturing the rest of us to 'renew' and 'sustain' our interest in his bullshit.

    • Good point.  Does he have one of those Noddy electric yokes [fifty miles before you have to search for a non-existent power point]?  Does he have one of those that runs off chip fat or rape seed oil [produced by very environmentally unfriendly machinery]?  I doubt it.  Good old fossil fuels for Dunc?  Unless he can prove otherwise, of course.

      • He probably drives a Toyota Prius. It's what all environmentalists drive, because it's seen to be 'Green'.

        I was amused to read somewhere a year or so ago, that in fact over it's lifetime, taking into account the manufacturing, running and disposal, including CO2 emissions etc, of said Prius, that it doesn't work out so environmentally friendly after all. Some bright spark did a comparison with a Hummer (the car that Greenies love to hate), and when all was taken into account, over the lifetime of the two vehicles, the Hummer turned out to have less environmental impact than the Toyota.

        How true that is I have no idea, but it did make me smile.

        • Looking at it from a logical standpoint, there is only one mode of transport which is "environmentally friendly" and that is walking.  Every form of vehicle has to be manufactured [costing energy and resources] and powered.  Electric cars have to involve generation [very non-eco] and any other fuel has to be processed in some way, also involving non-eco methods.

          Unless someone can design a car built out of wood and reeds, which is powered by excrement dumped straight into an inert gas extractor?

          • When Trevor Sargent was a TD for the Green Party (remember that?) he sometimes cycled to the Dail, weather permitting. The late independent socialist TD Tony Gregory often walked from his Dublin Central constituency home to the Dail without a tie – and he never claimed a shoe leather allowance. If Duncan Stewart ever takes up residence in a cabin made of clay and wattles on the Lake Isle of Innisfree, I might seriously consider retiring to a cliff cave in the County Clare.

  2. I wouldn't be too concerned right now. All of Dunc's proposals probably require some sort of planning permission, and as no brown envelopes will be changing hands for a while at least nothing (at all) is going to happen! The boyos will just sit quiet until RTE has had it's knuckles severely rapped then we'll get whatever type of energy proves the most lucrative (for you know who!).


    • Don't worry about the planning.  When the dust settles in a couple of weeks it will be business as usual, with arms sweeping piles of cash into pockets. 

    • Now why doesn't that surprise me?  He has the mean faced joyless look of a Puritan all right.  That nine-inch slab is figuring far more in my thoughts now.

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