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  1. Luke Clancy is a typical tobacco control scrounger with an air of respectability due to being a doctor.

    He profits from tobacco taxes, the ordinary consumer pays.

    I wonder how much the fucker gets through his precious Tobacco Free Ireland quango?

    Quite a bit, I'd say.

    On his doctor's wage plus his extra little nixer (tobacco free Ireland & god knows what else) I'd hazard a guess that the cunt is on over €1,000 a week at least,  probably more.

    Nice for him to go home & relax while his poorest patients make sacrifices on food for them & their CHILDREN just to have enough smokes.

    The black market is working great, I have a painter in my (rented) house the last 2 weeks smoking foreign fags.

    Great to see it

    • €1000 a week?  Are you kidding?  I quote – "Professor Luke Clancy is a Consultant Respiratory Physician, Director General of the Research Institute for a Tobacco Free Society (RIFTFS) and Chairman of ASH Ireland."  He is a professional Nanny of the worst type, making a very handsome living out of the misery of others.

  2. Deadliest artifacts, huh? Well, I was going to mention biological, conventional and nuclear weapons and also guns of every type (not to mention clubs knives, bayonets and now killer drones) but you already covered these things. However, it looks like the nannies and anti-smokers are much more rabid in Ireland than in the states. At least it seems that way.

    Must be a matter of a condensed society?

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