The Screwing Game Part 2 — 9 Comments

  1. I'm a bit old-fashioned and fill in paper instead of online forms. I hate forms whether hard copy or online because they generally seem to be designed by robots for other robots e.g. people like us that they think are robots. This time around Grandad, you had no option but to fill in an online form because 36 technicians who maintain the letter sorting machines in 4 major centres are on strike, bringing the whole letter delivery system to a national halt. And I love getting letters plopping through my letter box, but not bills. Did you think of asking your local TD to help you fill in your pension application GD? That sort of job and chasing country funerals are what keep our honourable elected reps busy in their constituencies.

    • I loath form in all their guises.  I always feel I'm signing my private life away.  Of the two, I prefer on-line ones for a few reasons.  If they are correctly written [*cough*] they self correct and I know which ones are mandatory [I ignore non-mandatory ones].  They also are instant and don't involve farting around with envelopes, stamps and Post Offices.  Once I send 'em I know they have been received.  And as you point out our postal system is a tad unreliable just at the moment!

      • Perhaps, when this daft holdup at the postal sorting centres is over, you could 'post' something ruminative about the institution known as the post office? I used to collect stamps as a chizzler.

  2. Sounds so familiar, why do they not get amazon or  ebay to make their sites or do they prefer to reinvent the wheel ?

  3. They much prefer spending vast wads of our cash producing something that doesn't work.  I swear I could lash up a much simpler system in my spare time.  Mind you, I'd charge them the earth for it!

    • I'd wager that if you thought of an outrageous figure to charge them, then quadrupled it, it would still only be a fraction of what they actually paid.

  4. I'm a but late to the table on this one but congratulations on finally completing the forms and keeping your sanity at the same time. So, if this pension actually comes through would that mean you'd be a double pensioner? One from your old workplace and now one from the gubmint? if so, I'd advise not to let one know about the other. I don't think they could handle such complications

    • Actually the saga continues.  They assigned me a pension and when I bitched about it they admitted they had fucked up [and if I hadn't bitched???].  It is now being reassessed upwards.  I have yet to hear back from them.

      Indeed I will be a dual pensioner.  I get one from my main ex-employer and the other from the state.  The state one is a contributory one where I paid into it in my first jobs and also paid into it when I was working for myself.  As they are both contributory, neither is means assessed.

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