A cure for cancer — 12 Comments

    • The point is that we are all ultimately fucked.  They seem determined to depress us at every turn with their dire threats of non-PC lifestyle.  The only possible outcome from their "research" is that some will worry themselves into an early grave.

  1. My dearest Grandad, a fat girl who is also tall, is by definition, either a big meaty ride or an avalanche waiting to happen.

  2. how tall is tall, and are the risks on some kind of scale?

    how do they calculate the risk for a tall pygmy.

    is it relative to everyone or just the other pygmies 


    • Good questions.  Does standing in a hole improve one's chances?  Supposing everyone just lies down, decreasing their height to a few inches?

  3. The bottom line here is, you're born to die…period…end of statement.

    And life for that matter.

    The matter of death is thereby irrelevant. When your time comes you'll go. Even if it's by some sudden crazy desire to ferry over to Jolly Olde England, rent a car and drive of the cliffs of Dover, you'll go. And if you're tall make sure you rent a rig with plenty of headroom.

    Your next of kin will, of course, receive the bill for the loss of the rent-a-car.

    There, let the ex-spurts figure that one out.

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