Oirish to the core — 8 Comments

  1. Oh, I don't know; watching Obama reprise Sean and Cruise attempt to fill "Red's" shoes "might have some entertainment value, especially during that magnificently long fight scene. Though, honestly, I have a hard time imagining someone recreating the bratty Mary Kate Danaher role. 'spose it could go to one off the Olsen twins, or evenJulia Roberts.


    Could be an instant classic…

      • …not sure I could take her accent. Or her accent attempting a brogue. But I could easily see Obama spanking her. Perhaps Cruise getting in on the action…


        Gawd – I've gone too far, haven't I?

    • In a reversal of roles in the new version of The Quiet Man dear Sarah will carry her successful running mate Donald Trump over the threshold of the White House. A big THE END will then appear on the screen.

        • Sarah is the one who might do that. Such things can only happen in the movies, and lots of modern politics hovers on the borders of artistic fantasy and reality.

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