The death of a web site — 16 Comments

  1. So what are you doing?  Enabling the plugin and writing a post then disabling it after publishing it.  Rebuilding from the ground up sounds like alot of work.


    • Just spent the last couple of hours trying to figure out a) what the fuck is wrong and b) how the hell to fix it.  So far with no success.

      I am leaving the plugin running as then I can at least write comments.  To write posts I'll have to use ScribeFire, for the time being anyway.

  2. Write the author of the plugin a wee note telling the bugger to fix his code; expect it would be but a couple of lines at most. Hell, the person should have already done so, he wants good reviews and thus more people using it.


    • Heh!  I'm not the first to complain.  I presume it's just a case of waiting for an update…..  The joys of site maintenance!

  3. Would you rather spend hours fixing your website or be one of  the millions who watch Premier League soccer?

  4. If it's any help in your diagnostics, and strangly didn't happen this time, previously, when typing in the main comment window another little window would pop up to type in saying your{or was it my?} security settings would not permit 'direct' comments.

    • Meh!  Sound like one of those irritating glitches that mean nothing and are just sent to irritate us.  Your comments are always welcome!  😉

  5. I think I know the comment plugin you're talking of. It taps into the default post editor to throw all those little editing buttons on the comment form? Sounds like the latest update deprecated a bunch of obsolete code that the comment plugin still used.

    • Yup, CKEditor.  Apparently there is doubt if it is still being maintained.  It's running on the site at the moment so the buttons still appear in the comment box, but my page/post editor is now useless – I can only use the HTML tab and text comes out white on white so is unreadable.

      I tried reverting to Blogilo but that is a right pain – limited functionality and is so basic it doesn't even have a spell-check.  I am now using the ScribeFire plugin for Firefox which is excellent.  It may lack some of the more advanced features of the WordPress editor but is more than sufficient for my needs.

      • Heh, I used to use ScribeFire about a thousand years ago when it first came out. Then it was Windows Live Writer but my turn to Linux instead of Windows put the kibosh on WLW. By then the default WP editor was decent enough to use.

        By the way, you might try using Developer Tools that are built into Firefox to debug the editor. The tools are very good and they might lead you to the cause of the problem?

        • Fixed!

          What annoys me is that I was going to announce my Great Fix to the world today, but the buggers went and released their update thereby stealing my thunder.

          I may well carry on using ScribeFire though as it is quite handy!

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