On being a wise old sage — 12 Comments

  1. What is Head Rambles about?

    But that's the whole point – it's not about anything in particular, it just is. And therein lies its appeal. That it is anti-establishment and iconoclastic merely adds a bit of spice into the mix. It's why we come here – we never really know what we will find.

    • A case of cogito ergo sum?  If it's any consolation I never have an idea what I am writing about either.

  2. It does be. It is what it is. It is existential, without being existentialist in the manner of Heidegger, Sartre and Camus. To be is to be is to be. Do be do be do.

    • Maybe it doesn't be?  Has anyone considered that?  Maybe it's all just a figleaf of our imagination?  If so, we all need help.  Urgently.

      • Are you influenced by the philosophy of Bishop Berkley? He distrusted all sense impressions. What is reality? Are we coming or going?

        • Would you believe I am related to the illustrious bishop?  Not sure exactly how but I was always led to believe that was so.  Maybe that explains some of it?

  3. Well let's see.  I've nominated you in the past for best Humor(note correct spelling) and best Political and best Personal blog in the IBA's.  So I would say like the old TV show "Sienfeld" this is a blog about nothing.  So there you have it.

  4. …idiotic old farts on the Interwebs…

    Makes me feel as if I should quit sitting on my literary butt and start posting to my old site again…

    …and be more idiotic than I usually was.


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