The Wrinkler — 10 Comments

  1. LOL!

    And guess, who're really gonna be asking for "The Winkler"?

    That's right: The Cheeeelrdren!

    For the young ones this is totally appealing. Look as mature as you feel. Never be told again by those old prunes to "wait 'til you're older" or "you don't look old enough".

    • Heh!!  Welcome, Norbert.  Indeed, seeing as many [if not most] of their efforts have backfired completely, then you are more than likely spot on.

  2. Sorry, that was supposed to have a picture of 'The Fonz' attached……seems to have got mislaid.

  3. And let us not forget that Mr Bowie has doubtless indulged in lots more that the simple pleasures of tobacco during his Rock'n'Roll years. I have to say he looks remarkably good on it!

    Jesus, but that Reilly is a fat pig of a man. He looks as if his heart is going to explode at any moment.

    • We went through a nice period here of employing the most unhealthy people possible as our health ministers.  Reilly is a classic heart attack waiting to happen [I'll say nothing…  *cough*] and before that we had that fat slug Mad Cow Harney.  At least the current incumbent looks as if he has a reasonable chance of hitting the sixties.

  4. These are actually adults who made this video? And they were serious? Looks more like something Monty Python would've come up with.

    • That is the kind of mentality that sucks up millions of Dollars/Euros/Whatever to further their cause.  Pretty pathetic?

      • Pathetic is the word alright. Especially when you consider the ones who actually buy into this rather obvious BS and not just the ones selling it.

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