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  1. remember its not about it actually mattering or making any difference its just about how they feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel so it feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels like a historic day and now they can feeeel good about wearing their rainbow flags for the past few weeks fact its about a non event as one can imagen doesnt matter someone somewhere FEEEEEEEEEEEELS good about this "historic" day tomorrow nothing will have changed for 99% of the population of ireland and basicly 100% of the population of the world……Historic indeed

    • When all the hysteria dies down, people will look at each other and wonder what the fuck the whole thing was about!

  2. If Ireland goes the same way as France, Uk, Usa…… it will be Christians who will be the new 'Negroes'


  3. Funnily enough, I've been talking to some gay campaigners I know about anti-smoking prejudice for a while now, and they'd probably agree with you.

    The point is this – look at any country where legally based homophobia has stopped and you'll see gays who campaigned the traditional way for decades with no result. It all changed when some marketing bod points out that if you want tourists and high-spenders in general then gays are the model DINK (double income no kids) – the Pink Pound and all that malarkey. So countries drop dumb laws to get gay spenders and everyone's happy – at least until a recession when gays and other identifiable outsiders are of no commercial value and become a handy group to blame for government screw-ups.

    Sort of links in with the smoking/drinking health nazi thing too. Gays traditionally drink more, smoke more and party harder than straight folk to get over the daytime prejudice, and die younger, poorer, maybe happier. Many of them will trade the shorter life for the pleasure snatched when bigots and government aren't around. Not unlike any other smokers and drinkers who would rather have a fag and a pint now, maybe conk out earlier, instead of decades getting older and ever more powerless with some prodnose dictating your every move.

    • iv been thinking the current darlings of pcness and tolerance will someday be discarded as useful idoits for a while now it would follow historicaly 

  4. I know I have posted this before but back in 1992 Garrison Keillor published a collection of essays called We Are Still Married. I bought it on cassette and used to think the piece on the last smokers was really a bit far fetched.  It first appeared in the New Yorker back in 1984 under the title End of the Trail. The New Yorker has an online abstract:

    The last cigarette smokers in America were located in a box canyon south of Donner Pass in the High Sierra by 2 federal tobacco agents in a helicopter who spotted little smoke puffs just before noon. The district chief called in the ground team & 6 men, members of a crack anti-smoking joggers unit, moved across the terrain, surrounding & subduing them with tear gas. There were 5 people in their mid-40's who'd been on the run since the adoption of the 28th Amendment. The chief snatched an empty pack of Marlboro's & said "Look at this! This warning has been there for decades! What does it take to make you understand?" The smokers knew that the end was near. They'd lost radio contact with the only other band of smokers they knew; 5 writers holed up in an Oakland apartment. Among the personal effects were 4 empty packs, slit open, the blank insides covered with handwriting. They were letters to Lindsay & Matt from their mother. They read: "I never thot it wld come to this…those yrs as ashtrays vanished fr parties & old pals made sarc remarks & FAA crackd down… Down to 1 cart… In 50s it was diffrnt, we all smokd… Food, sex, then smoke…theyre closing in… Reminded me of when yr dad turnd me in… Knew he was nut but didnt know he was creep… Goodbye. Love, Mother. " The 5 smokers were sentenced to write 20,000 words on the topic "Personal Integrity". The mother was reunited with her children. One night, she saved them from death by pulling them back from the path of a speeding car. Her husband, who had just been telling her she could stand to lose some weight, was killed instantly, however.

  5. And yet –here in NYC, many homosexuals (often former smokers) have become rabid ants. Most notably, the  homosexuals on the city council and  in the state assembly. Perhaps it's the joy of "passing the kick" –enjoying the reverse position of being the abuser/ excluder instead of (as historically) the abused/ excluded. As recently as 1969, in city history, homosexuals were barred by law from gathering together in what were called "gay bars." (Cops were smash in and raid and arrest them.) Eventually, they rioted (The Stonewall Riots) . Yet now many are among the loudest in promoting and cheering the Same kind of laws that bar smokers from not only bars but everywhere. Go figure. 

    • It sort of follows my theory that there has to be an underdog.  If you promote the underdog to top-dog then they in turn will seek out another group.

      There used to be a joke that the European's made jokes about the English.  The English made jokes about the Irish.  The Irish made jokes about people from Kerry, and the Kerrymen made jokes about people on Valentia Island.  I heard that from a bloke on Valentia!  Everyone seems to have to have someone to sneer at.

  6. Imagine the elation if we won a referendum to end corruption in this Direland of ours.

      • Too much government. But when they remove themselves from your blessed life, it can be the bit you wish they didn't – you know, to facilitate fairness and anti-exploitation.  So they remain mostly as they are in the nagging, but perhaps you may now need to shop around for a price on hip replacements.  Someone once 'liked' a Facebook page which said something like 'if I thought I'd live for ever, I'd kill myself'. I have often pondered the truth of that.  Everlasting peace is a lovely dream.

  7. I belong to a large minority who don't get sentimental when foxes, those varmints that prey on innocent chickens and pet rabbits, are blasted to bits by farmers with licensed double-barrelled rifles, or are run down on roads near woodland on dark early mornings by motorists coming home from parties. The anti-foxhunting brigade are not going to convince me that foxes are precious.

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