Climate change is real — 7 Comments

  1. Yes, well of course that was all caused by the propellant in aerosols. Luckily, hairspray went out of fashion about then, so disaster was averted. In those days we didn't have so many cars and planes to offset the effect of the hairspray, so it presented a real problem. Unfortunately nowadays, we have lots of cars and planes and no hairspray, which is why the whole of Ireland will soon resemble the Sahara Desert. What we really need is for bouffant hairstyles to come back into fashion, which will stimulate sales of hairspray and Bob's your uncle, global warming solved in a stroke.

    Maybe I should get in touch with the university of East Anglia and tell them?

    • I must admit that I am very scared by this.  Eminent climate scientists predicting such drastic temperature drops?  The Arctic freezing over?  Records being broken?

      Though I could swear I heard something similar [but different] recently…….

  2. This clip is warning about a coming ice age. Other prognostications have been about global warming. So which is it going to be, a big freeze-up or a great melt-down? 

    • The best thing to do is take an average.  As one cancels out the other it mans the climate is going to stay much the same.

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