The rise of the C-word — 13 Comments

    • Fair point.  But I could argue that those who cause me so much grief also have a use?  Landfill?  Biofuel?  Piano-wire stretching?

    • At least they are leaving electro fags alone [and leaving that ban to Big Federal Nanny].

      To be honest, I didn't realise there were such things as flavoured cigarettes, apart from menthol.  I lead a sheltered life.

      And if kids want a flavour, which of them would be insane enough to buy flavored fags when they can buy flavoured sweets at  a fraction of the price?

  1. Dear Grandad

    Too much time, not enough to do.

    'Public health' are merely public hypochondriacs who have cottoned on to a big government teat. Once hooked on 'government money' it becomes too difficult to disengage – pay rates are way above anything they're likely to earn in the real world, they are part of a cosy international brigade who jet around the world agreeing with each other, politicians lap up every word they utter and, if they are genuine puritans, they get paid shed loads to be puritanical: win-win.


    • So how the hell do we get rid of 'em?  Or do we have to wait around until the drones begin to see through their crap?

      • Dear Grandad

        The next world war is scheduled for around 2018 – that will blast us sufficiently back towards the stone age that most of these parasites, who are a product of 'advanced civilisation', will become 'unsustainable', and will either have to get proper jobs or starve.

        A cigarette ration will be issued not just to the troops, but to everyone else as well because the front line will be on everyone's doorstep.

        Hope you are enjoying the global warming – we have a nice bit of it over here at the moment, and about time too.



    Good God Grandad! For one awful minute I thought you were referring to cancer, which we all know is a right count of a thing!

  3. A bit late with this, Gdad (I've been away)

    Daughter 2 was graduating so we went to uni to take part in the ceremonies. It was fun. Afterwards, our group went for a coffee and a snack. There appeared one of these loud and vacuous women, When she went away, the wife gave her opinion. To say the least, me and daughters were horrified. She said, "Don't bother about her. She's <b>a twat</b>." Not only that, but her voice was loud enough to be heard at other tables close by. Rather astonished, I said, "B. Erm…. It isn't like you to use strong language" "What do you mean", she replied. "Well", said I, "You called her a twat" "SHE IS A TWAT!", she declaimed. Cue – hysterical, gut-wrenching laughter around out table. "What's wrong with saying it?", she asked. "Well, dear", says I, "The word 'twat' is a very rude word". "Oh", says herself, "I meant to say she's a TWIT"

    Giggle, giggle.


  4. I think you're all just silly bunts.

    Oh, and thanks for the link to "Ngrams", GD. I didn't know it existed before. I typed in "away with the fairies" and there was just as much of an upswing as the C-word. But checking those two together (comma separated of course) the two are almost never used together in one book, the C-word remaining dominate.

    I have no idea what that means.

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