Our minister needs to drown some women — 9 Comments

  1. This is the sort of thing the voters create talking suits…one day enough will wise up and realise the best person to look after their mind and body is themselves. Until then sit back and enjoy the madness.

    • I can only think of two reasons why a so called minister would come up with crap like this.  He's either trying to justify his miserable existence or else he's trying to divert attention from the upcoming bus strike which has made him somewhat unpopular.  It couldn't possibly be the latter, could it?

  2. I see around half the deaths are on fishing vessels, and a group here has been monitoring submarine activity in Irish Sea for around 30 years – proved beyond doubt some such deaths were linked, reasonable suspicion in a number of others.

    Check yesterday's news on the Irish fishing vessel dragged backwards at about 10 knots close to Calf of Man for more on this topic.

    Well, your esteemed Minister can advise the captains of Russian nuclear subs until he's blue in the face, but I doubt they'll review their health and safety protocol.



    • Well how does any fisherman know the nationality of any submarine that is pulling his fishing boat backwards…they never surface, introduce themselves and apologise for nearly dragging them under.

      • The Brits would never do such a thing as tangle with a fishing net – not cricket.  And if it's not the Brits [or the Yanks] it has to be the durty Russkies.

        • Having once worked with the chaps who drive the British subs I can tell you they don't play cricket and what about the French and the Indians…they have nuclear subs. The only sure thing is it wasn't an Irish or a Manx submarine. These folks have no need od such pointless machines.

          One notable collision was between two nuclear subs one French and one British boggles the mind to try and work out how such things got close enough to hit each other without either knowing the other was there.

        • It would never be a U.S. submarine.  The only things we do is surface in the path of Japanese fishing boats full of students.

  3. Coming back to the original question – if a Minister here started raising those sort of concerns, we'd wonder if he had shares in a company that makes life-belts or safety flares….and even after it turned out he had we'd find couldn't get  rid of the chancer!

  4. Has the ESRI got any statistics on the ratio between summer chocolate ice cream sales and deaths of children and adults who accidentally slip and break their necks after falling on discarded melting ice chocs? Is the government going to draft new comprehensive regulations aimed at reducing fatalities of this kind? Here's wishing you all a sunny, ice creamy summer. And look before you slip.

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