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  1. Hopefully we will soon be parted from the EU SSR and be setting a good example to your gubmint who will see sense and follow us.If we do not exit from this cabal of corruption there is always the piano wire you have oftimes mentioned which might also convince your 'politicians'.

    As you said "we have been getting along quite nicely" I do feel the threat of Terry Wogan was uncalled for.

  2. Past history:

    Ireland: NO!

    EUSSR: Are you sure?

    Ireland: NO!

    EUSSR: Are you sure?

    Ireland: NO!

    EUSSR: Are you sure?

    Ireland: er, no?

    EUSSR: Come on now, are you sure?

    Ireland: Yes, We love you.

    EUSSR: Good. Now bend over. No lube for the likes of you pesants!

    Ireland: Yes, give me austerity, yes! Give it to me!

  3. Thanks for this site; duly bookmarked! Strangely, as and Englishman, I have considered the Republic's position in the event of a Brexit, if only on account of Eire's exports to the EU passing through Britain. But it would be hard for Ireland (and Denmark, too) without Britannia's skirts to hide behind, so to speak. Depends on the EU; will Ireland be forced to join Schengen? That will put the cat…!

    • welcome Oswald!  It had occurred to me that if Britain left the EU it would leave us as a sort of isolated outpost way out to the West.  How it would affect trade is a matter for others to work out.  It would leave us in the strange position of having an EU border between ourselves and the North.  Would we have to re-erect border posts all over again, having dismantled them only a few years ago?

      Personally I would love to see the UK leave as it would potentially signal the start of a general break-up, and would certainly give other countries the courage to take a tougher stance.

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