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      • I once saw an amateur local performance of the witty play "Harvey".  Disgruntled spectators at events attended by Enda Kenny could carry bunches of carrots, preferably with their top leaves on. If any Garda asks about the carrots just say they are for Harvey, in appreciation of his services to public life.

  1. I loved Harvey, and James Stewart is a comedy legend. How can you so disrespect this great mans memory, and tarnish a cinema classic with such a profane  suggestion. 

    • Fair point.  Blame Dame Enda.  He started it.  Him and his "I met a man"………

  2. I'd say that the difference is that the James Stewart character was a benign soul, and the point of the film was  some people may be deluded but they're well meaning and do no harm, so live and let live.

    By comparison, this Kenny's delusions (if they are delusions and not self-righteous horse-cack), well, they make folk miserable and some are downright dangerous. Po-faced pillocks like him would clear a bar faster than a national smoking ban!

    • Fair point.  If he wandered into my bar I would be out like greased lightening.  Either that or I'd flatten the fucker.

  3. Once upon another lifetime, I spent a lot of my time doing local theater, mostly on the "tech" side of things but lot's of bit parts and one actual lead–I played Harvey in  well…Harvey. Not in a big rabbit suit mind you but Harvey the "Pooka" as portrayed by a spotlight which was so old that I had to tear it apart and rebuilt it from scratch. But it was amazing how much personality I could put into that invisible rabbit with a fully equipped spotlight.

    • Heh!  So your stage career is as a spot of light?  I like it.  Better than being a tree?

      • Actually it's amazing what you can do with an old (swivel type) professional spotlight with it's main iris, fade control and 5 selectable gels. I could add a whole lot of personality to that spot of light. I also served as the lighting technician as well for that one.

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